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Edible insects are a source of high-quality protein, get ready to add roasted crickets and cricket protein powder to your favorite dishes.

Our crickets are raised at our facility in Austin, Texas. They eat USDA certified organic feed and are processed in a gluten-free, certified organic kitchen.  They’re roasted to bring out their warm, earthy, nutty flavor. Then they’re milled into a nutrient-packed cricket powder.

You can use Aketta the same way you would use chicken, fish, pork or beef. Sprinkle the roasted crickets on your salad or pizza. Use them as a taco filling. Mix them with your favorite herbs and spices and eat them as a snack. Add the cricket powder to your smoothie. Swap it out for 1/4 of the flour in your favorite baked goods. Stir it into soups and stews. Need more ideas? Check out our recipes below.


Aketta crickets are your source for quality protein and nutrients, plus great taste, all rolled into an environmentally friendly product.

The world is changing; we have more people and fewer resources. At Aspire, we’re working to solve this problem by growing crickets as a farmed food source. 
Why crickets? Because they’re very high in protein and contain important nutrients like iron and calcium. They’re much more sustainable to grow than cattle. And they’re tasty.

Why the name “Aketta®?” Because no one eats “cow,” they eat beef. We wanted a word that makes you think of livestock, farmed in a safe, clean environment and raised solely as food for people. The name “Aketta” is derived from the type of cricket we grow: Acheta domesticus. When you eat Aketta, you’re getting the gold standard of crickets from the industry leader in edible insect products.

2 billion people eat insects in 162 nations around the world. Why don't you?

edible cricket nutrition facts

The United Nations and other organizations are promoting entomophagy (eating insects) as a sustainable alternative to meat.

Insects are much more efficient at converting food into protein than traditional livestock. They can be grown in a smaller space, eat less food and drink less water too. So instead of using these precious resources to grow food, we can use them to feed people. And crickets create a fraction of the greenhouse gases released by cattle.

A gram of cricket gives you more protein than a gram of beef. It’s also a complete protein, with the right balance of essential and non-essential amino acids. With Aketta, you’re getting a better source of protein with a lower carbon footprint.

edible cricket nutrition facts

Sean Burch Loves Aketta Crickets

sean burch

“I’m excited about what Aspire is doing, which hits directly in-line with my ethos on sustainable nutrition, farming, and insects being the future for a main protein nutrition source. I consumed their products during my latest world record expedition in Nepal, as well as introduced crickets to Nepalese for the first time.”
Sean Burch - American Adventure Athlete & Motivational Speaker

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