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We think that educators rock! It's teacher, parents, outreach groups, dietitians, physicians and more that are teaching the public about how to eat healthy, and we think they're the perfect people to help spread the word about entomophagy and get the information into the hands of the public. We think educators should be rewarded for spreading this idea, and should have access to educational tools like handouts and curriculum, pictures and videos. The Educator Program was designed to create a well of information for you to draw from to give back to your students and clients, while helping fit Aketta® protein into a tight programs budget.

Educator Program

Educators who want to teach children or the public about entomophagy will share their educational materials and curricula, as well as pictures, video, or written feedback for Aspire to republish, crediting the source, as public facing content. Educators receive a custom 10% discount codes for products used in educational activities, and have access to use any educational materials we publish and share.

For instance, Bob wants to have his 5th grade class discuss when they're studying nutrition or science. He signs up for the Educator program to save money in his classroom budget, and to get access to materials to use for a lesson plan, and handouts for the kids to take home to the parents.

If you are interested in joining our Ambassador program please contact programs@aspirefg.com for more information.


Who is this for?

Nonprofits, schools, teachers, professors, college/grad students

What we give:

Discount on products, access to educational materials

What you give us:

Share recipes, worksheets and handouts you create with us and pictures/videos of products being used for education for us to post on our recipe page and share online. We will credit you and link back to your site/organization if applicable. Help us spread the word by tagging us or using hashtags to help other educators find new recipes, materials and pictures/videos!


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