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Many people have questions about how crickets are raised and processed when they consider incorporating them into their diet. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions, below, to learn more. Be sure to take a look at our recipes page for tips on how to easily incorporate Aketta products into your everyday meals. For more about nutrition and the environment go to our Why Crickets page.

They are great for you and they taste good! High in protein and fiber, crickets pack a nutrional punch, with all 9 amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and iron. They also are very efficient to farm and have a much lower impact on the environment than traditional livestock. We offer more information on the health benefits and nutritional value of crickets on our Aketta Crickets page. 

Crickets have a nutty and earthy flavor. The whole roasted crickets have been compared to eating sunflower seeds. The flour has an umami flavor, deep and earthy, with hints of raw cocoa.

We are in the pursuit of organic certification, in the meantime we follow
organic practices. Our crickets are fed on USDA certified organic feed.

Our crickets are raised on a non-GMO verified feed.

Yes. All of our Aketta products are gluten-free. A gluten analysis does not detect gluten in our products at a detection rate of 5 parts per 1 million. However, at this time we have not pursued gluten-free certification by a certifying body.

Absolutely! Crickets are a quintessential example of a food consumed by paleolithic humans and is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients considered cornerstones of a paleo diet.

We are currently pursuing kosher and halal certification.

Technically no, crickets are animals. However, almost every reason people have for following a vegetarian diet can be addressed with a diet that contains insects. Whether people are concerned about environmental sustainability, ethical treatment of animals or health risks inherent in eating meat, choosing to eat insects remains logically consistent with those concerns.

The FDA does not approve meats as they are generally recognized as safe. For example, chicken, beef, pork etc., are not "FDA approved" and by extension, neither are our crickets.

No, there are no safety issues with consuming our products and we affirm that they are safe for human consumption. Insects are part of a traditional diet in many countries and have been eaten for centuries.

Yes. While we have not received a single report of an allergic reaction from consuming any of our products, there is a low risk for individuals who have crustacean allergies.

We recommend storing the product in a cool, dry place, preferably in an airtight container. It will store for 3 months after purchase. If frozen, Aketta can be stored for 6 months.

A mix of certified organic grains (no animal products are in their feed).

Our crickets are dry-roasted and sold whole or ground into a fine powder for our Aketta flour. There are no food additives, artificial colors or flavors in our products.

Crickets are raised in an environment with a surplus of food and water, an appropriate exposure to light, and a temperature and humidity that is just right to keep them happy.


Aketta cricket nutrition facts

Our Aketta crickets are loaded with protein, 67% by weight, along with 9 essential amino acids and other micro-nutrients. Click here to see our nutrition panel for both the whole roasted crickets and 100% cricket flour.


Aketta Nutrition Facts

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